agroBuild - A Both / And Company

The global community is growing. By 2056, 10 billion people will inhabit the Earth.  To put that in perspective, we don’t adequately feed 6.9 billion people today. Traditional farms simply can’t keep up, and experts recognize it is an environmentally unsustainable method to accommodate the growing masses. The data doesn’t lie, and it is driving agricultural innovation in the form of controlled environment farms. 

Author and Huff Post Tech columnist Daniel Burrus recently wrote a column highlighting Toshiba’s conversion of an old warehouse to a vertical lettuce farm. Burrus exalted the project as an embodiment of his “Both / And” principle.
People might think, when it comes to technological innovation, "either we keep the old, or we adopt the new." In fact, it's entirely possible to have both the old and the new together by integrating them to develop new, forward-thinking concepts. The emergence of vertical farming in recent years is a perfect example of this. 

agroBuild is a “Both / And” Company. 

We locate, design, construct, and commission high-end controlled environments facilities that both reduce dependence on traditional farming and provide fresh, safe food in any climate. It’s much more than simple hydroponics. Controlled environment farms require a high degree of sophistication in architecture, engineering, power distribution, water systems, automation, security, monitoring, lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, property development and horticulture. 

Imagine a 500,000 square foot urban site that produces greens, vegetables, beans, and fruits for city-sized populations during all seasons. Imagine that facility utilizing green technology, smart technology, electricity, water systems, and soil-free methods to maintain itself 24 hours a day. Imagine that facility operating as a restaurant, grocery store, home delivery service and commercial distributor all at once. Imagine that same facility incorporating chefs and nutritionists to improve community wellness. 

This site offers data, market information, and some design / build ideas for anyone with interests in a current or future controlled environment farm. Check out our Markets page, the Interactive Calculator, and our blog. Want more information? Give us a call. We’re ready to hear from you!

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