Site planning

Site evaluations by agroBuild’s professional architects and engineers will maximize efficiency and site layout. Local utility connections, zoning, municipal codes, easements, parking, on-site water detention, land use conservation, and EPA guidelines are considered at this phase.


Master planning and programming

A successful master plan starts with detailed, collaborative discussions. Our master planning service gives clients a clear path to future development viewed in light of evolving, dynamic influences. These influences include: sustainability strategies, pedestrian routes, vehicle access, systems infrastructure, existing building inventory, and future building needs.


Budget estimation

agroBuild gets involved early so design concepts and budget goals meld together, preventing “cost creep”. Any concerns with the budget are identified early, so design decisions will meet identified constraints.



We listen to our clients. The agroBuild architecture team provides creative solutions that maximize building functionality.



Our engineers design buildings to meet specific needs. Whether your project requires structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing or some combination thereof, agroBuild has the technical knowledge to make cultivation happen in new places.



agroBuild has LEED Accredited Professionals who will deliver a facility built to the highest standards. agroBuild revitalizes under-utilized real estate, allowing you to maximize yield through three sustainable principals: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.

  • Reduce: Pesticides, fossil fuels, water, freight costs … they take a toll on the environment. agroBuild repurposes underutilized real estate into facilities supplying the community with fresh, local produce and greens. The reduction in freight alone is astounding. agroBuild facilities bring local food to the kitchen faster and more sustainably than ever before.
  • Recycle: agroBuild focuses on minimizing embodied energy and other costs associated with the extraction, processing, transport, maintenance, and disposal of building materials. Design decisions support a life-cycle approach that improves performance and promotes resource efficiency.
  • Reuse: agroBuild focuses special attention on converting existing building foundations into sustainable facilities that provide healthy food for local communities.

LEED certification

agroBuild can assist you with applying for LEED certification for your project.


Design tools

All projects are designed using the latest in Building Information Modeling (BIM). This allows agroBuild to create a virtual scale model of the cultivation facility. The completed 3D model provides the framework for construction. BIM software serves three important functions:

Allows agroBuild to perform CFD modeling (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to simulate the real operating conditions of the facility.


Allows agroBuild to use our 3D model to detect any physical conflicts. Collision Detection software allows us to make adjustments mitigating costly field changes; (CK to add)

Provides a detailed inventory of the materials required for construction.


Complete bid package preparation

agroBuild is your single source for a complete bid package.


Cost Control/ Value engineering

agroBuild’s design / build philosophy allows us to continually analyze cost-benefit solutions. This helps find the best balance between requirements and budget.