Site analysis

You may have a real estate broker, but do they really understand your business?

agroBuild helps our clients make informed decision by producing comprehensive reports on your short listed real estate selections. Our architects and engineers travel to review the properties under consideration, bridging the gap between real estate professional and your business goals. In the end rest assured that your final selection was based on expert advice.


Existing site evaluation and selection assistance

We provide you with a summary of the relevant properties within your search area. We tour the properties with you and provide you with an evaluation and score for each.



Indoor growers’ capital requirements can be substantial. agroBuild can provide sale-leaseback financing options which allow growers to use and control essential real estate and buildings, keeping much needed capital available to operate and grow your business. Contact us to learn more! (Direct e-mail to RH?)



Whether you need suitable property for your investment, or you want to draw tenants to your facility, agroBuild retains licensed, knowledgeable real estate professionals who can assist with your search.


Interface with government planning

Construction related approvals, zoning, real estate tax incentives, TIF district, EPA issues, and municipal laws can have serious effects on your budget and timeframe. agroBuild helps you through this process.


Peer review

It never hurts to have a second set of eyes on your project. Allow our in-house architects and engineers to provide independent verification that you are on the right track.


Life Cycle Analysis / Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Life cycle analysis considers the full cost of an asset beyond its initial purchase price and implementation cost. agroBuild will assist with determining direct and indirect costs of infrastructure systems over their useful life. Our design process considers TCO so you maximize the value and longevity of your investment.


Utility Power Capacity


Is your facility one of the majority of industrial buildings nationwide that does not have the electrical power density required for an indoor cultivation facility?

agroBuild retains utility consultants who can help with upgrading your electrical capacity. 


Green Power Capacity

Let our engineers provide you with a cost benefit analysis on eco-friendly systems including; Geo-thermal, solar panels, wind power, battery storage and other options.


Utility Power Cost


Now that you have the power your facility needs how can you reduce your power costs?