Who are you?
agroBuild is always looking for qualified investors, building owners looking to position their property to take advantage of the booming indoor cultivation market, or users/growers looking to be matched up with our extensive network of facilities.

agroBuild matches investors with projects based on desired risk/reward profile. For example: Institutional funding may be best matched to a credit worthy enterprise user, at an indoor grow facility, providing the benefits of predictable yield and a long term lease.

Building Owner
agroBuild provides building owners with a new use for legacy industrial facilities which have sat vacant or underutilized for too long.  Repurposing of non-performing assets allows agroBuild to provide increased revenue and market value to current owners. Based on input from ownership, agroBuild designs a high level programming document and begins preleasing.  During preleasing, we match qualified users based on ownership’s desired risk/reward profile.

Let agroBuild match your specific growing needs with a facility that meets your requirements. Either one of our current sites under development, or another facility.  With our nationwide reach, we can quickly provide options in any state for development of your indoor agriculture infrastructure. Based on input from growers, agroBuild designs a high level programming document and then matches them up with qualified properties.


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