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  • AgroBuild electrical systems are designed for safety and scalability.
  • Metered and monitored, you know the draw and the status of your critical systems.
  • Facility power is filtered and resilient.
  • Optional backup generation packages allow you to keep the lights on during Utility outages.

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Heating and Cooling

Mechanical systems are monitored and maintained to the highest standards. Fully customizable scheduling allows you to tune the environment to your cultivation needs. Control the CO2, temperature and humidity. HEPA and Charcoal filters scrub the incoming air.

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Water is your most precious resource. Depending on your location, options include: city or well water, reverse osmosis (RO) systems, and waste-water treatment. agroBuild will customize the right irrigation system for your facility.

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Area / Volume / Yield

Maximize your infrastructure investment by using the volume of the space. Tiered deployments and engineered lighting solutions coupled with agroBuild’s modular design allow you to increase the useable interior space and crop yield.

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agroBuild provides multiple layers of security for every grow tenant. Site security, suite security, and 24/7 monitoring are standard for all agroPodsTM. Our sites are staffed by qualified security professionals. agroBuild ensures that your crops are fully protected.

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Shared Infrastructure / Services

agroBuild helps conserve your capital by providing multi-tenant facilities with shared common areas. Beyond having security as a shared service, agroBuild gives tenants access to:

  • Building restrooms
  • Showering facilities
  • Loading docks
  • Processing/storage rooms
  • Shared commercial kitchen (option for dedicated kitchen available) Well lit and comfortable office and conferencing areas are also provided for your use.

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Lower CapEx (Capital Expense)

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Shipping / Freight Access

  • It’s not enough to grow your crops.
  • You need to get them to your customers.
  • Our secure, clean and controlled access loading docks will help get your product to market with ease.

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Areas of expertise

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

What does an Agro Build Facility Include?

In the same manner the mission critical industry has moved to co-location to save on initial CapEx, the same is true for indoor growing facilities. agroBuild has taken the many years of experience our team has in building and designing mission critical facilities and applied those principles to indoor growing facilities.

In our Gro-Location model, you will have private dedicated space that is custom built to your exact specifications. Some of the more costly building elements are shared giving you the best of both worlds, reduced CapEx and private leasable pods.

Private Secured Area Amenities:

  • Specialized Growing Rooms by Plant Stage
    • Clone
    • Early, Mid and Late Vegetation
  • Plant Material Preparation
  • Storage
    • Fertilizer Storage
    • Growth Medium Storage
    • Pesticide Storage    
    • Secure Product Storage
  • Packaging

Common Area Amenities:

  • 365/24/7 Staffed Security Guard
  • Security Office
  • Building Engineer/Manager; Business Hours & On Call
  • Central Loading Dock Facilities
  • Break Room
  • ADA Restrooms & Showering Facilities   
  • Central Sanitation Services; Daily Cleaning of all Common Areas 
  • Central Grinding of Disposal of Waste
  • On-Site Parking
  • Building Electrical Room; Option for central of individual pod generator power
  • Building Mechanical/Water Filtration Room; Option for RO or City Water
  • Fully Sprinkled Building

Semi-Private Area Amenities: (Areas usually reserved at additional hourly/daily cost)

  • Private Office (s)
  • Conference Room
  • Quality Assurance Lab & Office – Upon Market Demand
  • Extraction Lab – Upon Market Demand
  • Cooking Facilities – Upon Market Demand