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Brokerage / Pre-Leasing

Whether you need suitable property for your investment, or you want to draw tenants to your facility, agroBuild retains licensed, knowledgeable real estate professionals who can assist with your search.

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Project Evaluation

Are you thinking about building an indoor cultivation facility? There’s a lot to consider: land acquisition, CAPEX versus OPEX, tenancy, facility design, labor management, construction costs and compliance, to name a few. Let agroBuild guide you through this process.

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An indoor growers’ capital requirements can be substantial. agroBuild can provide sale-leaseback financing options. This allows growers to use and control essential real estate and buildings, keeping much needed capital available to operate and grow your business.

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Facility Operation

Getting the structure up is only half the battle. Indoor cultivation facilities require careful environmental control and security. agroBuild will build your facility and take the time to educate your staff on building automation, security systems, facility management and horticulture operations.

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Construction Management

agroBuild’s principals have many years of experience managing large, medium and small scale builds and retrofits. Put that experience to work for you; ensure your project gets done on time and on budget and to your exact specifications. Every project comes with a dedicated project manager who guides and overseas the process from beginning to end.

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Architecture & Engineering

Whether you are retrofitting or building new, agroBuild retains architects and engineers with nationwide experience. Throughout the design process, we listen to our clients to understand their program and provide solutions to meet their goals.

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Life Cycle Analysis / Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Life cycle analysis considers the full cost of an asset beyond its initial purchase price and implementation cost. agroBuild will assist with determining direct and indirect costs of infrastructure systems over their useful life. Our design process considers TCO so you maximize the value and longevity of your investment.

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Site Analysis

You may have a real estate broker, but do they really understand your business? agroBuild helps our clients make informed decisions by producing comprehensive reports on your subject properties. Our architects and engineers travel to review the properties under consideration, bridging the gap between real estate considerations and your cultivation goals.

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Areas of expertise

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

What does an Agro Build Facility Include?

AgroBuild has taken the many years of experience our team has in building and designing mission critical facilities and applied those principles to indoor growing facilities. The analogies to mission critical facilities are many.

AgroBuild facilities are all custom built to your exact specifications. Below are some programmatic elements that are consistent across most businesses,

Programmatic Space

  • Specialized Growing Rooms by Plant Stage
  • Clone
  • Early, Mid and Late Vegetation
  • Plant Material Preparation
  • Storage
  • Fertilizer Storage
  • Growth Medium Storage
  • Pesticide Storage
  • Secure Product Storage
  • Trimming Rooms
  • Packaging Rooms
  • Building Loading Docks
  • Office Component

Give us a call and let us custom design a solution to meet your unique set of requirements.

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